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TechSmith told us that Camtasia Studio has been rebuilt from the ground up in order to make it easy for anyone to create powerful, professional and
interactive videos that can be used for education, training, marketing and sales.
Techsmith has released latest version of there screen capturing and video editing softwre Camtasia Studio 8. Camtasia studio 8 make video creation
more streamlined and easy to do. I have used Best screen capure and recording software called camtasia studio 7 for creating Video tutorials and

When you’re done and ready to publish, that’s super easy too. You can publish to YouTube or directly from the inside of Camtasia
Studio 8. I’ve just scratched the surface with Camtasia Studio 8 and am looking forward to producing some cool stuff .

Now camtasia studio 8 has many more new features ..
Added the TSC 2 video codec for the ability to record larger dimensions and more graphical content with higher frame rates
Added the ability to have unlimited multimedia tracks on the timeline, enabling the ability to layer multiple different types of media including
videos, graphics, images and more on top of each other
Added a custom color picker option to the border and fill options of the Callout view and Visual Properties view
Added a slider to easily adjust track heights
Added the ability to apply audio volume leveling and noise removal to individual audio clips
Added an option to show and hide the marker and quiz trays
Added an indicator to the horizontal timeline scroll bar to show where the playhead is located in relation to your viewing area
Added true or false question type to quizzes
Etc ...
Share high-quality, HD videos that your viewers can watch anytime, on nearly any device. The TechSmith Smart Player is intuitive and detects if your viewer’s device or browser supports Flash. If their device or browser doesn’t support Flash, the TechSmith Smart Player will playback the content using HTML5  helping ensure that your videos will play.

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